Marvelous Engagement Cake Designs Of 2021

With every marriage element taking the Insta-worthy way, how can we forget the engagement cake behind it? You may see it fantastic, but cakes, these days, are so wonderful that you’ll only need to stare at them and forget about eating. These days, more and more brides and grooms are selecting a cake that reflects both their character or decreases the cake’s size to include a more diverse dessert table. Result? A dessert that is unusual, unique, and stylish. Engagement party cakes have also got a thing in recent times, cakes can be the highlight of a party, and your engagement party cake should be no contrast. The best part is that you can buy cake online or order cake online nagpur nowadays without having to go anywhere. Here are marvelous engagement cake designs for your engagement function.

Beautiful Flora and Fauna Cake With Couple’s Initials

When one of the best marriage photographers, Mahima Bhatia, got engaged, she chose one of the best cake decorators to create a lovely baby pink and gold design for her! An adorable cupid’s arrow that passes through 2 engagement rings, butterflies, and edible sugar flowers makes this one of the loveliest engagement cakes I’ve ever seen.

Edible Pressed Flowers

Edible flowers are on the path to become major marriage engagement cake designs in the year of 2021. Not heads made from chocolate, fondant, or sugar but exact blooms that you can eat. We embrace how they look pressed in butter, and we extremely suggest adopting the trend if you’re pitching a garden marriage.

Pink rose engagement cake

This charming pink rose and gold engagement cake design from the Best online stores. It’s a three-tier cake filled with sweetness. The central layer of the cake begins with the name of you and your adored one, and a classy ‘Just engaged’ tag tops on the cake along with a beautiful pair of birds. Order this cake online from one of the leading online stores. Cake delivery is available- it’s the best place for you to order an online cake!

Floral engagement cake with 2 layers

Who doesn’t admire a classy-looking two-layered engagement cake design? With a pretty combination of red and white color flowers on every floor of the cake and the initials of you and your better half covering the cake, this cake is true class. 

Watercolour Floral Cake

Who doesn’t adore watercolors used in marriages?! And this cake is really beautiful! The touch of gold foil and lavender flowers combines some much-needed dimension to an unless pink cake.

Royal Floral Cake

Lavish a royal engagement? Leave your guests amazed with this two-layer royal floral engagement cake design. Bound in royal blue, white, and golden creams, the flower and the drop design will make you drop in love with this floral cake.

Unique Engagement Cake Idea – Love Quotes!

“From the day we met to the countless meets, the butterflies haven’t gone but lasted ever so inaudibly. They got a house. I got a house.” This is just one of the infinite passionate quotes that have been printed on the head and bottom layers of the peach and gold cake. They had the cake topper simple – the marriage hashtag – since there were already loads of lines in the overall cake design.

Gorgeous Woodland Theme 5-Tier Engagement Cake!

While maximum engagement cakes are single or two-tier, the different one might have three. But this one gets engagement cakes to a whole another level! It’s an intricately embroidered 5-tier beauty. But once you know it was prepared by a popular cake decorator for her engagement function, you’ll understand why it’s no an usual engagement cake.

Two-tier cake

Who doesn’t fancy a classy looking two-layer engagement cake design? This cake is sheer bliss with a lovely combination of red color and white color flowers on every layer of the cake.

Ombre Peach Simple Engagement Cake

Buttercream cakes are back in bias, after years and years of everyone favoring fondant cakes. This buttercream class seems delicious with the lovely peach colors and fresh white flowers.


So, these were some marvelous and classy engagement cakes. You can online cake order in kolkata or order these from the best cake store online and make them delivered to your loved ones doorsteps. Happy celebrations!

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