Life is full of surprises. Things never really go as per your plans. As we grow, we go through various stages of life and learn a lot of lessons from all those stages of life. When we are born, we are not expected to do anything because we are little babies. As soon as we start growing, we become more than an individual and become a social being. We started going to playschool, then high school. After that, we receive our secondary education and finally complete our graduation. 

Many of us start working right after graduation for our further studies or for side income. This transition from being a student to being an employee who is supposed to be a responsible person is a major change in a person’s life. Hence it calls for a celebration. If you have a friend who has recently got a job and would be soon starting his days at his workplace, you might be willing to wish them luck for their job. So here is a list of online gifts or online gifts for girlfriend that can be given to your office-going friends to motivate them further in their life and to express your affection and well wishes for your friends.


Even if you think that it might seem funny to offer a lunch box as a gift. It is actually thoughtful. Gifts like a lunch box, geometry box, etc are associated with kids yet they are helpful for adults as well. After all, everyone needs food to survive and everyone needs a container to store their food. Your friend might obviously purchase a new lunch box for him. So why not save his money and give him something that can be useful to him. 


Carrying a wallet is a must for boys. After all, there are so many things required on the first day of the office. So you shall start searching for gifts for boyfriend and then select a nice wallet for the guy. So that he may use that wallet to keep his identity proofs, driving license, cash, photographs, cards, and other important things and carry the wallet along with him. 


You can give a calendar to your friend so that they may place it on their workstation itself. This calendar would help them to keep a track of their activities at the office also it would help them plan their day-offs and leaves. 


You would have rarely given a formal blazer or a shirt or a pair of trousers to your friends because as college students you would have never really felt the need to buy them. But now that your friend will be a part of a professional setting, they cannot go there in their rugged jeans or cool t-shirts. After all, the office has decorum. Your friend might obviously be short of formal clothes in his wardrobe so you may give them a pair of formal clothes as a gift. 


personalized gifts online are a sweet gift to be offered to our dear ones. It is due to their wide usage that such coffee mugs have become a popular gift idea for everyone. You can get your photos printed on the mug, or a special message for your friend and give it to them. Your friend can place the mug at their workstation and sip their coffee from it. While they do so, you will always be on their mind. 


Little idols of God or any attractive figurine are a nice gift. They are small and compact

Hence they can be placed anywhere. They would also remind your love to your friend whenever they will look at the idol that you gave them


Each one of us knows very well that workplaces require the person to use a computer or laptop for long durations. This can have harmful effects on your friends’ eyesight. So you may choose to give them a pair of blue light protective glasses to reduce the risk of your friend’s eyesight getting damaged. 

This was a list of some items that can be purchased from any local store in the market and can be offered as sweet and simple gifts to our dear friends. You can buy gifts online and give a surprise visit to your friend along with the gift. 

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