How Small Businesses Can Use QR Codes

In times where all businesses are on online platforms, using QR codes is a great way to get the word out about your company. It also helps to improve customer experience and increase revenue. A QR code is made of black coloured squares which are arranged in the form of a grid on a white colour background. A QR code can be scanned using a device such as a mobile phone camera.

These days, QR codes are used to get information, make payments and give reviews. Static QR code are used for Electronic Point of Sale or epos systems by retailers and businesses. 

Ways in which your business can make use of QR codes

The use of QR codes can improve marketing, sales, customer service, and feedback. Businesses that use QR codes for targeted campaigns and track their performances can identify the channels that generate the best results. 

Given below are some ways of using QR codes to improvise and flourish your business:

1. Sales and payment processes can be facilitated by QR codes

Creating QR codes that link to your website and online payment gateway in your accompanying documentation. It is a great way to help customers with products that come with added features or that need supply refills.

QR codes have also been used for contactless payments more recently. Customers can use the apps to scan a merchant’s QR code, then enter their due amount and make payments. Many epos systems have QR code payment functionality built-in, or they integrate with third-party apps to do so.

2. QR Codes can be used to market your product/services

The following are some of the benefits QR codes can provide for marketing your product or business:

  • QR codes can provide expanded product information. By including QR codes, customers can get details such as expanded pricing, sales, and related information on merchandise.
  • QR codes can be linked to coupons or discounts to generate hype and interest. Making different QR codes for different events, locations, and marketing materials, even if they link to the same coupon, can help you in tracking which one performs the best. This can help you in knowing the public interests and can help in developing marketing strategies.
  • QR codes can also help in providing business information. By linking to your website on promotional materials, interested customers can get information about your business more easily. You can put a QR code on the front door of your actual shop location and include one on business cards so that people can visit your websites.

Conventional forms of marketing such as newspaper ads or flyers are popular forms of marketing or promotion, but  it is difficult to measure their effectiveness accurately. QR codes provide detailed performance information, such as how many times they are scanned, which devices are used, and where they are.

3. QR codes can help with Customer feedback

Earlier, a retail transaction was considered to be a one time event that ended with receipt of payment from the customer. But in today’s marketplace, Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) is very crucial. Purchases are no longer viewed as a one-off event but rather as part of an ongoing relationship, which is used to maximize the revenue generated from repeat sales.

By utilizing QR codes, you can maximize Customer Lifetime Value:

  • Create a QR code that links to a feedback form and encourages your customers to leave comments and ratings on your website.
  • QR codes with links to social media handles can be added to enable customers to share their shopping experiences on Twitter, Facebook, and other social media.
  • Targeted surveys can be conducted using a QR code and be used after a transaction or a customer service interaction to gain further insight into the customer journey.

QR codes are incorporated into existing interactions, such as the receipt, to make the feedback process easier for customers.

  1. Use QR codes to build your Customer service

By using QR codes, service providers can provide better customer service

  • Printing instructions can be problematic because they are subject to change over time. You can add a QR code to the print copy that points to the latest online version or PDF version.
  • You can direct customers to tutorials and how-to videos for the best information on the products by using a QR code.
  • Whenever users have questions, users can use a QR code to contact customer service or send an email to request help without looking up contact information.

To sum up, QR codes are extremely beneficial for businesses because of their accessibility and versatility. They are also eco-friendly as they reduce the carbon footprint and are also comparatively cheaper. They also help in building the customer-retailer relationship. So, using QR codes can help in propelling your business to success. 

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